Ustadha Aiasha Amir

  • Living in Karachi, Aiasha Aamir Khan is a motivational speaker & a Student of knowledge having a lot of procurements under her belt.
  • Having a double BSc degree in Biology & Chemistry from Punjab University, she is currently Programme Co ordinator at Al-Ilm Institute & the Project Head of ‘Sanctity of Human life’, which deals with preserving the unborn lives.
  • Having studied the Qur-an with Huma Najmul Hassan at Al-Ilm Institute Karachi, she went on to study Arabic Grammar and Tajweed- both online, and in person under various teachers – and joined the administration of Al-Ilm institute later as a trainer.
  • Aiasha Amir successfully completed an online course by Dr. Israr Ahmed on Muntakhab Nisaab.
  • She has also taught Tajweed for three years in a weekly women programme at Al-Ilm Institute, Karachi.
  • She is currently teaching a twice a week advanced programme “ Ta’meer” of 18 months at Al ilm institute Karachi.
  • In Ta’meer, Aisha heads the modules of in-depth study of Surah Al Ankabut and advanced Arabic Grammar of the Qur-an.
  • She holds monthly talks in different areas of Karachi on various topics related to current issues of women, including workshops on parenting & youth related issues.
  • She has also been conducting Daura-e Quran and in-depth study programmes during Ramadan for the last seven years.
  • Respecting all school of thoughts and Scholars, Aiasha teaches following the madhab of Quran and Sunnah & the belief of Ahl-e-Sunnah wal Jama’ah.
  • Her lectures aim to strengthen women of the Ummah by grounding the love of Islam into their hearts with proper value structure and to make them gain confidence in practicing Islam.
  • An avid anti-abortion rights campaigner, Aiasha has authored the booklet on the topic, The Silent Scream which is in English as well as Urdu.
  • Along with Dawah activities, Aiasha is a social Activist, working in the slums and in various areas of Karachi to help people along with her team of dedicated volunteers by providing basic necessities of life through tarbiyah sessions.